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Banding Systems

ATS Banding Machines range from a movable table-top machine to a fully automatic machine integrated into production lines. The systems operate in humid, hot or cold environments and is suitable across a broad range of industries.

Banding material is supplied in a variety of materials in widths of between 20 and 100 mm. Band made from brown or white paper is particularly eco-friendly. Films range from transparent to 100% opaque. 

Banding Material is made from paper or plastic film and can be printed. Bands are extremely user-friendly and can be opened easily without any tools, they support up to 30 kg, and can be deep-frozen, baked or microwaved.

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ATS-MS 4205 Paper and Plastic Banding

  • Starts instantly and needs no warm-up time
  • Adjustable sealing length
  • Easy operation and user friendly
  • Adjustable band tension
  • Low energy consumption
  • Backed by trained service technicians and spare parts
  • Suitable for 20mm, 30mm, 50mm or 100mm width band, depending on model
  • Up to 26 bands per minute, depending on product size
  • Paper and Plastic Bands
  • Printed Bands





Australian Wrapping Company

Bench Top Model


Optional Jumbo Roll Dispenser







The Ultra-Sonic banding machine with arch is configured in a modular system and can be delivered in various arch sizes. This banding machine is also suitable for incorporation into fully automatic systems.  An arch size adjusted to the product optimizes the cycle time and increases productivity in the packaging line. Gentle banding is guaranteed by the infinitely variable tension setting. 


Ultrasonic Banding Machine US-2000 AD


  • Reliable & robust Ultrasonic banding technology
  • Paper , plastic or foam band
  • Fixed band length feature ( Good for soft products )
  • Cold welding technology is durable, clean & safe
  • Light weight and portable unit,
  • Can be easily wheeled around the factory
  • Various arch sizes available
  • Various standard models for banding from 20-50mm
  • Speed up to 35 bands/min depending on product
  • Fully backed by our spare parts and service team 

Ultrasonic Banding